Here I am again, 1 week in. I haven’t done much else with this space as yet but I have a few ideas kicking around. Just waiting for the energy and inclination to kick in.

Here are this week’s tiny things;

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2-3  2-4

1. I got this nail varnish free in my kawaii box last month and I put some on at the weekend. I must admit, I mainly picked it out because it was a fairly dark, opaque shade compared to the other polishes I have and my reason for wanting to put on some polish was that I had had a hair dye mishap and dyed my fingernails (and fingers) a rather scary shade of purple.  The MOST exciting thing about this polish was when I went to bed last night and realised it glows in the dark! What can I say, I am easily impressed!

2. One of my closest friends gave me this spoon necklace at the weekend. If you are curious as to why I would be wearing a spoon, you may wish to have a read of the spoon theory.  As a bonus, this one is special as it has a crown on it so ties into my love for Alice in Wonderland.

3. Bandcamp! this is becoming one of my favorite places to buy music from. As their tagline says – it allows you to buy music directly from the people who make it.  It also means that you can access your library of everything you have brought from there via their excellent app (I use the iTunes version but I’m sure there are other ones)  There are loads of songs you can download for free on there or just give what you like to the artist. My latest listens on there are Fashnu and Spoonboy. You can also check out the excellent Deathsex Bloodbath who I may or may not know and may or may not have performed on stage with.

4. Lastly, this feels a little like product placement but this chocolate coconut milk from Tesco is great. Before I was vegan, I was never a fan of milk so I don’t tend to have cereal, milk in hot drinks or anything else particularly milk based (aside from froothy coffees when I am out somewhere that isn’t work or home) A glass of this seems like a decent way to get calcium and other good stuff. It’s also not too thick so feels quite refreshing to drink, unlike something like a milkshake. I suspect in summer I could use it at the basis for a good cocktail too.

Till next time…

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