I’m a 30 something girl, living in Coventry in the West Midlands (UK)

I live with my partner Joe and our cat – Cabaret.

I’m a zinester and write a perzine called ellipsis. It’s mainly about growing up, figuring stuff out, learning to be happy and other assorted trials, tribulations and joys.

Here are a few things I like;
♥ Moomin-trolls ♥ Studio Ghibli films ♥ Vegan snacks ♥ Naps ♥ Cats ♥ Guinea pigs & Capybaras ♥ Alice in Wonderland (I collect illustrated copies) ♥ Indie pop music ♥ Stationery, especially writing paper and coloured ink pens ♥ Playing with yarn ♥ Treehouses ♥ Drinking coffee and writing ♥ Singing loudly and without care ♥ Drumming

Find me online at the following places:

♥ Instagram