Well, I have been in an almighty grump this week. I spent most of yesterday stomping around, feeling sorry for myself and this carried on right through till I fell asleep. Today has been better. I got my printer working again so I can start printing and laying out ellipsis 4 this week.

Here’s this weeks list

7-1    7-2

7-3    7-4

1. I brought this cute new pj set from Primark on Friday. I probably have too many sets of pjs but they get a lot of wear. It’s not unusual for me to change into them as soon as I get home from work or spend at least one day in my weekend in them (or get up, shower or bath and then put on another clean set) Anyway – these are super cute and were only £8 for the set. I love the slightly faded looked pattern on the top as well as the bright shorts. It may be cold outside but I am pretty warm blooded and seem to be warm all the time at the moment so these work well for me not overheating!

2. My first lucky dip club box arrived today and it’s LOVELY! this is one of my allowed treats per month so I was anxiously waiting for this to arrive. This month’s theme was lovehearts and lipstick. I loved the glittery brooch and the envelope necklace (and I am even breaking my no gold jewelry rule to wear it) Looking forward to finding out what next month has in store.

3. Munzees – I won’t say too much about this as I’m already planning on writing either a longer blog article about this or maybe a zine about this and Geocaching. I’ve been having a lot of fun getting out and about to find Munzees in Coventry (as well as occasionally slightly further afield) It’s given me a new way of looking at my city.

4. I went on a day trip to Bletchley Park on Saturday. I’d wanted to visit for a while and we went on the train which meant that we could get 2 for 1 tickets by showing our train tickets. Although it’s not cheap to get in £16.75 per person unless you use the deal we did) your ticket is then valid for a year so you can go back as many times as you like. This may well be something I take up because we didn’t get to see everything in one visit.

This photo was taken inside the main house in the library which was pretty crowded as there was an exhibition also in the house about the recent film (The Imitation Game) which I didn’t pay too much attention to as I haven’t seen the film yet. Along with your entry ticket, you get an interactive guide and headphones to take round with you. I think it’s essentially a touch screen ipod which you can play videos on at different locations but it was pretty interesting. None of the videos were longer than a few minutes, making it a good way of finding out more and hearing from people who were based at the park in the war.

I can’t stop listening to The Dispossessed by Spoonboy this week. It gives me the shivers (as does the video) in the best way.

Lastly – Marching Stars distro is closing. Lizzy who runs it is such a wonderfully supportive person. Please go check it out and place one last order before she finally closes.

Till next time…

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  1. I am wearing my lucky dip envelope necklace today and I feel very smart! BTW I am a bit behind on checking my mail so only just realised that you sent me a lovely letter. It was wonderful to read! Thank you xxxx

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