Ahh, it’s payday! Always a highlight in the month. Despite spending my weekend in bed with a cold, I have woken up in a good mood the past 2 days. I’ve spent today on a mission to GET STUFF SORTED!

Tonight’s post is a bit rushed as I went to see a friend after work but that’s ok. I need to accept this for what it is. The pictures will always be a bit dodgy and taken on my camera phone with less than ideal lighting but that’s also ok.

So on with the list…

6-1    6-2

6-3    6-4

1. I found this vegan friendly chilled latte in Asda yesterday and grabbed one to have for my breakfast today. I wasn’t really sure how the coconut milk would work with coffee but it’s not a very strong taste along side the coffee. I think it’d probably be even nicer over ice but being that this was drunk on the bus to work today that wasn’t happening! There are a couple of others in this range so I will be sure to check those out too. At £1.69 it wasn’t super cheap but hey, it’s good for a treat and it’s still cheaper than getting an iced latte from a coffee shop.

2. I spent last night laying out pages for a split zine that I am sending to my co-contributor for assembly. Hopefully it’ll be ready for Sheffield Zine fest which I purchased my train ticket for today as well. The fact that I finally pulled my finger out and got this finished is a mini victory for me because I have been putting it off for so long. I was pleased how quickly I got back into the flow of doing the layout when I got started last night. It was a nice way to spend a Monday too specially as I watched 2 episodes of the latest seasons of The Great British Sewing Bee while I did it.

3. On Friday I went to see ONSIND at Ort cafe in Birmingham. They were touring with Spoonboy and Jesus and his Judgmental Father who were also very good and well worth a listen. The venue worked really well for this gig and there was a really good atmosphere. I really wish I was more articulate about this stuff but I’m not at the moment . It’s just good to hear people singing about things that matter to me and know that I’m not half as alone as I would have had myself believe.

4. If you are wondering what this is even a photo of, well I wouldn’t blame you – what this represents is the financial overhaul that I’ve been working on over the last week or so. I’ve changed to a SIM only phone deal, cancelled my monthly unlimited bus pass and switched to one that is about a 5th of the cost which will do for getting me to work and back. It’s got to the point where I don’t want to be paying out for stuff just for the luxury of being comfortable and feeling I had all of the available options, all of the time. It feels a little scary if I am honest to be making these changes but also quite empowering.

I also found out that because I work at a uni, I can get an NUS extra card for £12 a year even though I am not a student myself. Baby steps, but this year is about change and this means changes must be made.

Anyway, I have more things to do before it’s bed time, so till the next time…

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