I had a lovely evening out chatting with a friend I hadn’t seen for a while , drinking Rose lemonade and eating chips. We got soaked walking across the city to get a lift home but it didn’t really matter because it wasn’t cold.

I’m almost ready for bed but before I go, here’s todays list

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1. My outfit felt a little plain today (all black, I blame a lack of laundry organisation!) so I decided to wear this necklace to bring a bit of colour and fun to my work clothes. This oversize pencil pendent was a gift from a friend and was made by Tatty Devine. I’ve never seen anyone else with one, so I love it even more!

2. Not so long ago, I used to skate for the Coventry City Derby Dolls. A variety of circumstances lead to me leaving (and I’m still not 100% sure I’m truly done)A lot of it was to do with my health which is something I’m really focussed on improving at the moment but it takes time and being battered around on skates wont help right now. Anyway, someone has made a taxonomy of roller derby names and mine made it on there! Yup, I was known as Amperslammed (number 2007) when I skated for the dolls.

3. It only took me 6 months but I finally settled on “colourful” as my word of the year. I made this little graphic to remind myself of it. Having more colour in my life feels “right” and energising for me.

4. This is my current pile of books to read as well as some copies of Flow magazine that I want to look at again. I tidied our bedroom at the weekend and it feel so nice to come home to a clean room. Having this little pile gives me an easy glance at what I have waiting for me and reminds me that it’s not true when I find myself thinking I have nothing to read and want to buy new books.

Till next time…

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