This is a very tiny selection of things because it’s getting pretty late and I’ve spent the last 2 nights buried in tiny pieces of paper, glue sticks and collage material – assembling ellipsis #4. I’m over half way done now with the layout but I don’t know if it will be finished and copied in time to sell/trade at Sheffield Zine Fest on Saturday. ARGH!!

Here’s today mini list

8-1   8-2


1. All change! – I got my hair chopped off on Friday in a kind of asymmetric bob. It’s cropped to ear on the right hand side and then chin length on the left. I’m still getting used to it (and not being able to tie it back at work but I think I really like it!) I also took the plunge and got my septum pierced on Saturday morning. I’d fancied the look of it for a while and decided while I was changing my hair, I may as well change that too. It’s a little tender at the moment but otherwise fine. Once it’s healed, I will probably change it out for a slightly smaller barbell.

2. A friend came to hang out with me at the weekend and brought me the Jason and the Argon Oil Lush shampoo bar. I’ve been using it since the weekend and it smells amazing (its the Rose Jam scent that I love from Lush and always get complimented on when I am wearing the perfume) it also lathers up really well and I think it can be used as body wash too – meaning I’ll probably take it next time I go camping!

3. I spent some time Sunday hanging out in Cherry Red’s in Birmingham and eating cake with Joe. I’ve been a couple of times recently and it gets bonus point from me for:

a) Being cosy

b) Not just having vegan cake, but having a selection of vegan cake for me to choose from

c) Having furniture that reminds me a lot of my Nan’s house growing up and bring back some lovely memories.

(My Nan never had a wall painted with cherries and hightops though)

The Vegan Grindhouse is back on campus this week so I’ll be treating myself to something else from their menu tomorrow. In the evening, I’m meeting up with friends in Birmingham to see this show. Hopefully I can have a lay in Sunday and then get started on all the new craft projects I have bubbling up in my head at the moment (but that I’m making myself put on hold till the zine is done)

Till next time…

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