Hello again. Tuesday seems to have come around fast this week. I have Friday off as annual leave so I guess this means I’m already halfway done with my working week.

Here’s this weeks tiny things

4-1     4-2

4-3     4-4

1. Although I’ve already mentioned nail varnish in TTT #2, I’m not actually that into painting my nails. I’m certainly not someone who always wears nail varnish. I tend to prefer nail stickers to polish and I loved these ones I wore at the weekend that I brought from Wilkos. The black and white colours also meant they matched with whatever I have flung on for work this week. They are a bargain at 99p and easy to apply, it’s just a case of sticking them on and then filing the excess parts of the stickers off with an emery board. Wilkos do a couple of different designs in these stickers as well as some non gel ones. I really liked these ones though for the hearts, hounds tooth and glasses motifs especially.

2. I tidied my bedside table! This was inspired by meeting up with my lovely friend Sarah at the weekend and belatedly exchanging Christmas gifts. She brought me a lovely cat dish, and the bunny night light. It’s made my bedroom feel cozy in the evenings when I am sitting up here reading, or watching programs on my laptop.

3. I came home today to two pieces of lovely post from friends. I love getting post and sometimes coming home to a door mat covered in letters and packages can be the high point of the day. It also justifies me buying so much stationery to use in my replies.

4. I cast on these new mitts today. They are the Black Lodge Mitts, which are of course inspired by Twin Peaks. I’ve been trying to use up yarn I already have at home and this was an ideal make as I had enough of all 3 colours left from other projects. I’ve been working on the chevron part tonight while watching “The Secret World of Lewis Carroll” on iplayer. It’s really interesting but a little unsettling, although it hasn’t told me much that I didn’t know. I didn’t realise there was an Alice day each year in Oxford though, so this has been added to my list of things I want to do.

I’m home alone this evening, so I’m off to cook my tea (vegan pie and mash) and carry on knitting now.

Till next time…

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