I’ve had a really good week – at the weekend I tabled on Saturday at the first Femmington Spa Queer fest I got to chat to lots of nice people and see some great music included Cath Elms and Jesus and his Judgemental Father. On Sunday I went to the wedding of two friends and it was a gorgeous day. I felt so touched to have been included and I really enjoyed seeing lots of people who I used to skate with and haven’t seen anywhere near enough this year.

I’ve got exciting things planned for tomorrow (I’m on annual leave for the day) but I’ll leave it till next week to write about that!

Here’s this weeks things;

image   image

image   image

1. I know almost every week it now feels like one of my things is OMG AUTUMN COLOURS! but seriously, have a look at how beautiful it was on campus yesterday. I’ve been trying to get out more on my lunch breaks (and not just so I can up my fitbit steps to compete in the working week challenge) and it’s really helping.

2. Did I mention that I’m a student (sort of) again? I’ve taken up evening classes in beginners Japanese and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve only had two lessons so far but it feels good to be learning. I’ve never had much natural aptitude for languages so I’m expecting it to be quite tough but each little bit I learn helps and there is no real pressure on me to be able to be brilliant immediately. I’ve been doodling the hiragana characters I have been learning while on the phone at work to practice my script.

3. We’ve had no internet at home for days now (thanks Talk Talk, you bunch of assholes!) so there has been no Netflix or other video streaming for me. Instead I’ve been finally listening to Welcome to Nightvale. The host, Cecil has such a soothing voice. I haven’t got to any of the parts with Carlos yes though so I’m looking forward to that.

4. I took part in an Autumn swap organised by Ingrid. I walked to the sorting office tonight to collect mine. I got this amazing package from my giftee – it contained some pumpkin shaped fairy lights (which are already up in my living room) some temporary tattoos, a spiced apple lip balm, a sparkly Alice in Wonderland pencil, a teacup shaped ring, all the ingredients to make vegan smores and a candle to melt the marshmallows over. The whole lot was wrapped up in a bright orange skull print scarf <3 it was great fun to open and I look forward to using all the things. image

As it’s national black cat day, here’s one last bonus picture of our cat – Cabaret. He woke us up at quarter to 7 by siting on Joe’s pillow and loudly licking himself. Best cat!

Till next time…

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