I think I’m still riding high on the energy from my trip away last week. I’ve felt really positive since I got back and have also been working on channeling that energy into my time at work. I am pretty tired though so I’m glad we have a long weekend coming up (and I’ll be staying close to home for this one)

Here’s this weeks list;

11-1    11-2

11-3    11-4

1. I made these savory sweet potato and rosemary scones last night using the recipe from here. They are delicious, specially when warmed slightly and with some vitalite on. I altered the recipe slightly as I didn’t have any nutritional yeast so I put in a heaped teaspoon of vegan Parmesan and I used dried rosemary instead of fresh.

The blog is run by my friend Sian and I’m excited to try out more of her recipes.

2. I joined the Kanken club this week after musing for months over what colour to get (so much choice!) I finally settled on this one in salvia green and it had its first outing today. I put in it everything I had in my shoulder bag yesterday and it felt so much lighter and easier to carry. I am a convert.

3. My legs are pleasingly achy after 1 hours of dancing tonight at Ego. I saw this session advertised when I was in their cafe at the weekend and thought I’d give it a go. You pay £1, say beforehand on the FB group what songs you would like to hear and then all dance for 1 hour. It was good fun, got my heart rate up and also made me think about how much less self conscious I am these days. I’m looking forward to going back next week and hopefully they will play this for me (which has been my theme song the last few days)

It’s also worth saying that Ego is amazing because it not only runs as a not for profit arts company with a lot of different things going on, its cafe/bar is the only all veggie/vegan place in Coventry. I love it!

4. I brought myself these flowers at the weekend for £1 because tulips are my favourites and I thought the happiness I got from seeing these each day was worth splashing out £1 on. I wish I could have them in the bedroom but I’m a pain in the bum for flailing around and knocking over water/wine/coffee when I’m stretching.

Time for me to get some rest. I think the dancing tired me out more than I was expecting.

Till next time…

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  1. Sounds like you’ve had a great week! The scones look great and I bet the vegan parmesan worked really well!

    I love the sound of Ego, I haven’t been out dancing in so long. So glad you’re feeling less self-conscious than before.

    It’s such a great idea the make a list of the little things that have made you feel good. I should do that more often 🙂

    Also I’ve never heard of Kanken but I’m going to go and google them right now because that bag is so cute! X

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