Our decision to go to Indietracks this year was a fairly last minute one. Joe was offered a ticket to the festival in order to review it for Birthday Cake for Breakfast (his review can be found here) and I got attend as his…emotional support? I don’t know exactly what my role was but I was happy to get to tag along.


We got set up our tent on Friday afternoon but then ended up waiting out the rain for a few hours in our tent before venturing to the site to see Chorusgirl, Kid Canaveral and Martha play. It was my second time seeing Martha that month and I found myself welling up during their set because of how very important and vital their music feels to me. I was feel grateful that even though it had been a really rubbish few months, I was glad I was there. I particular enjoyed the 90’s rave lights that accompanied their set too.


Saturday was thankfully dry (as our slightly crappy Argos tent was already leaking at this point) so we got to dry off, hang out with our camp mates and laze around for a while before going to see Crywank who were AMAZING. I think seeing that they were going to be playing was what convinced me to go to Indietracks this year. I was very happy to hear them play Forelorn Leghorn as I’d been listening to it a lot over the last few weeks. Dan is one of my new drumming inspirations.


Sunday I was excited to see Grace Petrie play (and I’m pretty sure she was excited that a sudden downpour sent a load more people dashing in to where she was playing) Lilith Ai blew away everyone who managed to get into the Church stage to see them. When the sun came out, I finally got to ride the singe gauge train.


I completely failed to make it to any workshops this year and once again didn’t make it to the campsite disco due to a combination of feeling achy, going back early to check our tent wasn’t under water and then feeling too lazy to move.


Can crush! Martha covering Semisonic’s Closing Time, whoever made the Indietracks Ultras stickers, hearing 2 new ONSIND tracks being debuted in the merch tent, the great burgers, chips, nachos and ice cream from the Teatime Collective, seeing some cute owls, walking up the lane from the campsite to the festival and it feeling so familiar and comfortable, getting excited at how many excellent drummers I saw play and the fact that everyone I spoke to over the weekend was so friendly and just there to have a good time whether it rained or not.

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  1. I love Grace Petrie! I often see her around Leicester and have to stop myself being a complete fangirl about it. I was sad to miss Indietracks this year (some idiot* planned her wedding on the same weekend) but next year definitely want to go again.

    * me

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