Month: April 2018

2018 goals – 3 months in

I can’t believe March is over – which means it’s time for me to reflect on how my goals for 2018 are going.

The big news is – WE BROUGHT A HOUSE! It finally happened. We moved at the end of February (yes, in that week with all of the snow) I love our new place – it has a few teething issues but overall I couldn’t be happier. It’s a little closer to town than where we lived before and in a much quieter area. We’ve been living here for just over a month now and it just feels right.

I did a lot of de-cluttering both in the run up to the move and while packing but I still have a lot more to go. In total, I’ve got rid of over 1,500 things since the start of this year which is a huge improvement on last year. The more I get rid of, the easier I find it to let go and the easier it is to see what I actually want to keep and why.

My Mum came to visit last weekend and we did a workshop on embroidery at the Herbert Art Gallery. You can see a little glimpse of what I did in my March 1 second everyday video. I’ve been working on setting out my new office and it’s really helping me to feel more inclined to create.

I’ve watched 4 films so far and read 32 books. I haven’t been so good at not buying more books tbh but that’s something for me to work on.

I’ve signed up for a new Microsoft course at work so that will be my focus over the next few months as it’s mainly self study (and we are about to enter another busy exam season)

I want to try and add more pictures to my blog posts so future ones wont just be big walls of text like this. Sorry!

1 second everyday – February & March

February was a VERY busy month for me in the end and although I did keep on recording my 1 seconds, I didn’t get around to posting them till now

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February turned out to be a really great month as we finally got the keys to the house we brought and moved in. There was snow, hail, some good sunsets, pancakes and re-watching Friends while I was packing (or procrastinating)

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March was about properly settling in to the new place, setting up new shelves and finding homes for all my stuff. My Mum came to visit for a few days, where I got to show her some places I like in the city and also did a feminist embroidery workshop at the Herbert. I started playing with zentangles as a form of relaxation and creativity. The Easter bunny visited me at work and left a bag of goodies plus I saw Martha in Birmingham which was amazing.